Differential Pressure Filter Indicator

MODEL 555Amodel 555a

Model 555A Differential Filter Indicator is designed for determining the state of an in-line filter. Indicator accuracy is ±5% Full Scale. Colored bands allow you to quickly identify pressure drop across element. Divided into three sections, each clearly marked for ease of understanding. Filtration systems require monitoring to maintain a level of performance specified by the manufacturer for the continued expectations of the end user. Commonly used to indicate when to change or clean a filter Model 555A is suited for filter applications, line loss, valve drop, and many other differential pressure applications where a simple indicator is needed.

About this product


555A-10.0 changes from green to yellow at 5 PSID and from yellow to red at 7.5 PSID. Mounting block has 1/4" FNPT inline process connections for ease of installation.


Model 555A features two #10-32 UNF threaded holes in its mounting block for easy mounting. The holes are 3/4" apart and located at the same level as the end process connections. The direction of process flow is indicated on the dial, with the arrow pointing to the low pressure port. In order to change the high and low pressure connections, simply remove the indicator from the mounting base and rotate 180°. Retighten the plastic bolts to 20-25 inch pounds of torque.


Upon final installation of the Model 555A Differential Pressure Filter Indicator requires no routine maintenance. A periodic check of system calibration is recommended. Should you have any questions please contact customer service at 1-800-648-5778 or if you wish, email sales@midwestinstrument.com




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555A-10.00-10 PSID0-5.05.0-7.57.5-10.0$62.00
555A-12.00-12 PSID0-6.06.0-9.09.0-12.0$62.00
555A-15.00-15 PSID0-7.57.5-12.012.0-15.0$62.00
555A-25.00-25 PSID0-11.011.0-18.518.5-25.0$62.00
555A-3.50-3.5 PSID0-2.02.0-2.52.5-3.5$62.00
555A-30.00-30 PSID0-13.013.0-20.020.0-30.0$62.00
555A-43.00-43 PSID0-19.519.5-29.529.5-43.0$62.00
555A-5.00-5 PSID0-3.03.0-4.54.5-5.0$62.00


Model 555A Specifications